The Longhouse
Longhouse style Bed & Breakfast accommodation near Kuching City, Sarawak Malaysian Borneo

Make your coming adventure to Sarawak, Borneo really special by making an Iban styled longhouse as your base to explore.The traditional styled long uninterrupted house with many doors 'Biliks' (one for each family) and with a common corridor 'Ruai' running the length of it has been the favoured mode of living for the legendary headhunting Ibans as far back as anyone can remember. Experience the romance of living in a full fledge genuine wooden and bamboo replica of a Sarawakian Iban Longhouse.


per night per adult inclusive of main meals when taken at longhouse


The Longhouse @ The Kebun
20-24 Kampung Rayu Melayu
Jalan Hidupan Liar, Jalan Kubah Matang
93050 Kuching
Sarawak, East Malaysia


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You can easily spend a few days just exploring the surrounding area. The following is a couple of suggestions for whole day trips away from The Longhouse. You can also check out the albums of our facebook page here.

In the immediate area you can visit the Matang Wildlife Center barely 2 minutes away. Apart from the wildlife like Sunbears, Gibbons, Hornbills and so on that are being rebabilitated, there is an excellent project of which the centre hosts the conservation programme for Orangutans. From here drive 15 minutes to Kubah National Park for the waterfall trail. If the hour + long hike does not take your fancy then below before the entrance is the Matang Family Park, great for the kids to play in the many pools fed by the mountain stream. What else? You could head for a local lunch whilst enjoying the sea breeze Telaga Air Fishing Village about 10 minutes away from the park. If you feel like a challenge then head after lunch to the Sri Maha Mariamman Indian Temple, a relic of the days of the white rajah when he had his tea and coffee plantation, which will require an hour long walk up the mountain.

  • Let us know if you need us to whip up takeaway noodles or fried rice
  • Do Matang Wildlife Center latest by 3.00 pm. Entrance Fee RM20.00 PP
  • Kubah National Park waterfall trail start latest by 1.30 pm RM20.00 PP
  • Save by visiting the center and national park on the same day with the same ticket
  • The temple can be visited anytime even at night
  • Kubah National Park can be visited at night for the frog walk. Park guide needed.

To the west lies Gunung Gading National Park which is famous for the Rafflesia flower. Only 1 hour away you will enjoy a scenic drive via the old coastal highway and have the chance to cross the Rambungan river via a ferry. After Gunung Gading National Park you can head 10 minutes away to Pandan Beach, a local favorite on the weekends and public holidays, other days it is deserted. There is a small tuck shop on the beach front where you can enjoy some simple snacks and sample a fresh coconut. Head back to Gunung Gading National park to wash off in the plunge pool or even if you want pack some supplies from us and have a barbeque right there or head for one of the cafe’s near Lundu town for a meal.

  • Call ahead to check if the flower is in bloom
  • Gunung Gading National Park entrance fee is RM20.00 PP
  • Park guide sometimes needed if flower is hidden at RM30.00 for the whole group
  • Grab some extra towels from us
  • Need a packed lunch instead? Let us know

To the northwest of The Kebun is Bako National Park one of the best places to spot wildlife. Leave early to beat the crowds at the terminal and enjoy the cool morning air as you head out on the boat. There are many trials to choose from and most times you will be able to meet wildlife at the park headquarters itself. If you happen to decide that you don’t want to walk back on the same trial then get the boatman to pick you up instead from the many beaches where the trials end. Feeling more adventurous then head for Pulau Lakei one of the best kept secrets of Sarawak where the sand is white and the water is emerald. Done with Bako then head for the Chinese temple at Muara Tebas fishing village where one of the oldest temples sit on the hill overlooking the bay. You will also find a Chinese family run restaurant where some of the freshest seafood to be found in Kuching awaits you or if not then a cold beer.

  • Call ahead to double check if tide is suitable for early departure
  • Bako National Park entrance is RM20.00 PP
  • Boat charges is only RM94.00 for whole boat maximum 4 adults RETURN
  • Extra charges for beach pickup starting at RM35.00 for whole boat

To the north of The Kebun lies the Santubong Peninsular the location for most of the posh seaside resorts. The Sarawak Cultural Village is located here and the show which starts at 11.30 am and 4.00 pm is a must see apart from exploring the various ethnic dwellings. Head there after an early lunch to explore before the afternoon show. Finish off by 4.45 pm and head for Santubong Village for the mangrove cruise at 5.00 pm. Head to the river mouth to catch the Irrawaddy dolphins before heading into one of the estuaries to look at the proboscis monkeys settling down for a last feed and to bed down for the night. Wait for sun down opposite Salak Fishing Village before heading to see the fireflies before heading back to shore. Finish by 8.00 pm head to Buntal Fishing Village for a seafood meal or back to The Kebun for a late dinner.

  • Sarawak Cultural Village entrance is RM60.00 PP
  • Mangrove Cruise is RM115.00 PP (Children have cheaper rates)

To the south east is the Borneo Highlands. Head for the 9.00 am feed at the Semmengoh Orangutan Rehabilitation Center. You should be done in one hour or more then there are options for you to choose. Head for the kayak point to start your kayaking adventure. Otherwise you can head for the Annah Rais Longhouse about 30 minutes from the center. Once you are done with the visit you could check out the Annah Rais Hot Springs located just behind the longhouse about 5 minutes drive. Soak yourself in the fresh water mountain stream or enjoy the hot water within the stream itself. If you have not had your fill with the orangutans leave by 2.15 pm and head back to the center for the 3.00 pm feed. Otherwise if crocodiles are your fancy then head for Jong Crocodile Farm which also has an assortment of wildlife from Sunbears to Otters.

  • Rehabilitation Center entrance fee is RM10.00 PP
  • Annah Rais Longhouse RM8.00 PP
  • Annah Rais Hot Spring RM5.00 PP
  • Jong Crocodile Farm RM18.00 PP
  • Grab some extra towels from us
  • Need a packed lunch, let us know

Feeling like you want to get away to some islands then you can try Satang Island. A family owned island there is also a Sarawak forest department turtle hatchery there. Leave from Telaga Air Fishing Village 15 minutes away from The Kebun. You could also head for Sempadi Island which is rarely visited, has a small beach and is surrounded by boulders, an excellent spot for fishing.

  • Operator fee RM115.00 PP
  • We suggest you grab extra towels from us
  • Ask us for a picnic lunch if needed

On the weekend head southeast for the Serikin Border Market which lies just meters away from the Indonesian border. This is a busy place where Indonesian’s ply their trade with the locals. Good for either Saturday’s or until late Sunday mornings. After the market head for the Fairy Caves and Wind Caves. Keeping the Wind caves last is best because there is a shallow stream there for you to wash off. If you are early then you can try and head for Bau town on the way back. If you want to have a meal at this town try and do so before 1.30 PM.

  • Grab some torch lights from us for the caves
  • Fairy Cave is free and Wind Caves is RM10.00 PP

There are many more places off the beaten track. Let us know what is your kind of thing and we will do our best to see that you get to do what you want to do. The Garmin provided in your assigned car will have these places preset. We provide a local cell phone will have all the numbers you need to get into direct contact with the service providers. We support local independent business owners and hence encourage any payment to be paid directly to them. There will also be a provided folder which will give detailed information on the sights and routes. For information on our accommodation please click here. To inquire for availability please click here.

Longhouse Room Rates

RM99.00 Per Person Per Night. Children under 11 Complimentary
To A Maximum Of 2 Children For Every Couple

  • Rental comes with all meals when taken on the farm.
  • Inclusive of coffee, tea, cordials, snacks in between main meals
  • Includes 1 bottle of farm traditionally brewed rice wine.
  • Rate includes complimentary use of farm 2 old 4 door, manual transmission, seat 5 sedan car exclusive of petrol.
  • Rates quoted are inclusive of 5% government tax and 10% service charge.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All Prices Are Quoted In Ringgit Malaysia
  • View our Reservations Policy. here. Alternatively you can also email here.

The Longhouse is meant as a replica of an old Iban Longhouse and is divided into individual rooms and share a common corridor which is decorated with everyday items for which makes a typical living longhouse. It has 5 self contained rooms where each has built in beds from a minimum of 1 – 3 each. Extra bedding for the floor can and will be provided for families that prefer to stay together. In the event that there is unoccupied rooms, children will be more than welcomed to make use of those next door. Each room has its own sink and built in wardrobe. Each bed has its own mosquito net and mossie coils are lit every evening both for the rooms and the outside shared corridor. Each room is also decorated to provide its own character making each one slightly different. Curtains have also been built in to give privacy from the windows and doors. Blinds have also been installed to provide extra privacy. Both curtains and blinds can be pulled away for provide extra breeze in. The shared toilet’s and showers is a different building and is located near the front of the longhouse barely 10 meters walk away.

As of January 2013 we have completed the refurbishing of our Headman’s Longhouse. This longhouse is saperated from the main longhouse via a covered footbridge that spans a small stream. We hope to use this particular longhouse to house bigger families that have younger children.